Timetable Of Work (Complete by each session)

TODAY: WEEK 2 (22nd January):

WEEK 3: (29th January) All ideas down for all 4 illustrations and 1 animation, a few sketches of ideas

WEEK 4 (February 5th) A detailed plan for the animation (which will be 15 seconds minimum at 24 FPS btw) and basic storyboard

WEEK 5 (February 12th) Illustration no. 1 Mostly completed, ready for group critique

WEEK 6 (19th February) Illustration no. 1 completed, Illustration no 2 ½ done, ready for critique

WEEK 7 (26th February) 2 Illustrations completed by now, work started on illustration no. 3

WEEK 8 (5th March) Illustration no. 3 mostly complete, critique,

WEEK 9 ( 12th March) 3 Illustrations complete by now, start work on 4th and final Illustration

WEEK 10 (19th Mach) Illustration no. 4 partially complete, group critique (Option to complete Illustration no. 4 by this time, but can be completed over Easter holidays alongside animation)

(3 wk Easter Holidays) Complete animation and illustration no. 4over this period

WEEK 11 (16th April) Animation and all 4 illustrations complete by this time

WEEK 12 (22nd April) Last minute sanity check of portfolios for submission

we have decided to ‘play it by ear’ a little in the practical sessions.


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