visual literacy, ‘change of state’

Visual literacy, is where you read an image as a text and not just as a photograph.

Quote 1: “Visual literacy is a set of abilities that enables an individual to effectively find, interpret, evaluate, use, and create images and visual media. Images and visual media may include photographs, illustrations, drawings, maps, diagrams, advertisements, and other visual messages and representations, both still and moving.”

Quote 2: “Visual literacy includes such areas as facial expressions, body language, drawing, painting, sculpture, hand signs, street signs, international symbols, layout of the pictures and words in a textbook, the clarity of type fonts, computer images, pupils producing still pictures, sequences, movies or video, user-friendly equipment design and critical analysis of television advertisements.”

These quotes show that there are lots of different meanings to Visual literacy, and i want to continue to be able to progressively read images.

A ‘Change Of State’ could be anything whether it be from a liquid to a solid to a gas or vise verse. It could also be a baby from new born through to elderly age.

Also the changes of physical state if you go from being a high weight and the get physically fit through exercise etc. your body will change.

There are lots of examples fore the term ‘Change Of State’.


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