My 4th illustration is a pair of lungs, one that is healthy and one that is unhealthy as a result of smoking.lungs


my stop motion ūüėÄ

Another illustration, this is a life-cylce of a rooster again i used photoshop and a lot of different textures but with colour underneath.hen

This image is of a snake sheading its skin. Again i used photoshop for this piece i used textures for the snakes skin and also the bark on the tree.snake sheading skin

Visual Literacy ‘Reading Images’

The lecture on reading images was quite interesting, it made me realize how to read an image fully without there being any text or quotes. This helped me when doing research for other modules, recognising what an image means instead of just reading the text. Images are used in everyday jobs, for example driving signs. everything seems to come down to images so it was interesting to find out more about how to read them.

”Most art museum and art history sites are loaded with images and their captions. And just as every picture tells a story, so does its caption. In fact, you can learn almost everything about a work simply by reading its caption line by line.”



Visual Literacy ‘Identities’

There are many different types of identities; self-identity: distinctive characteristics belonging to any given individual. Your identity is who you are and also how you and others view you.

Animation is a distinctive film form, it offers unique vocabulary of expression.

(artist example; Taylor Wessing)

Other types of identity:  РCultural identity; this relies on a collective understanding

-National identity; this is seen through style and the visual look of a person/s

-Ascribed identity; this is when someone builds and identity for example if another person wishes to be the same as another they would copy them. as is shown in the below. We discussed this particular comic strip as a group and recognized different identities within it.

Marginalized identitiy; this is when it is shared by a particular social category/group.